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About the name «aeschinoer»

It means engineer. The german word is "ingenieur" and is pronounced and written down here in switzerland by my good old friend oli as [aeschinoer].

[aeschinoer] is how I am titled as engineer by my colleagues:
There is a book from Scott Adams who "held a variety of humiliating and low-paying jobs during his eight years at Crocker National Bank and nine yeras at Pacific Bell". He created Dilbert during this time by entertaining himself during boring meetings by drawing insulting cartoons of his co-workers and bosses.

The Book I am talking about is The Dilbert Principle in which there is a chapter about engineers ... as I am an engineer with a lot of toy my colleagues rené and oli saw the dilbert (from the specific cartoon) in me and from those days on I am just called [aeschinoer].

I really like to show you the cartoon, but I first have to get permission to that.